Our Mission


The purpose of the Japanese branch is to promote friendship and communications between members. We also want to create a network of people who want to contribute to society and towards creating a world of universal love and equality. To this end, we will carry out the following activities in the Hong Men spirit of morality and contribution.


Universal love, co-existence and people based mutual help. In this spirit we work towards economic development and a just society. We aim for a One World where all peoples are equal. All people who follow this creed are our family.

We want a peaceful, equal, cosmopolitan world that transcends ethnic groups, tribes and countries. We want a one world in harmony with the environment.


Our mutual assistance association will aim to accomplish what is written above through these works:

(1) Arrange speeches, study groups and other events.

(2) Carry out educational and communications activities

(3) Educate society about ethics

(4) Carry out assorted volunteer activities

(5) Carry out and promote charitable activity

(6) Carry out educational activities based on the Hong Men spirit of morality and universal love

(7) Manage the membership group

(8) Publish and edit books, magazines and other information outlets

(9) Educate members in how to further improve their ethics and morality

(10) Carry out any other activities necessary to attain our objectives.

The Purpose, Creed and Works or our lodge are aimed at contributing to world peace. Our activities in Japan will be strictly in line with Japan’s law, constitution and rules in the spirit of mutual support and mutual prosperity. Above all, our main goal is World Peace.

We will cooperate with any religion, any society, any faction, any political party or any country that agrees with the principles of co-existence and co-prosperity and world peace. However, we will cut off relations with anyone who fails to agree on the goal of world peace.

As human beings from the planet earth we must ask each other what we can do to contribute to the creation of a One World.

For the sake of future progress we seek brothers and sisters who have a spirit of goodness 義(Justice) and uprightness 礼 (benevolence). We further seek groups or individuals who have a similar credo or manner of thinking. Together we will try to make Japan prosper, make Asia prosper and contribute in a major way to a world without conflict.