About Japan Lotus Chinese Freemasons

Japan Lotus Chinese Freemasons (JLCF) are known in Japan as The International Asian Freemason. It is an international Hong Men/Chinese Freemason sister lodge of the Lotus International Chinese Freemasons Supreme Lodge in Taiwan.The Hong Men/Chinese Freemasons are a secret society created by the people towards the end of the Ming Dynasty in the 17th century. Over time in evolved into a Chinese and overseas Chinese organization. In recent years it has had an increase in membership around the world.

The Hong Men is the Chinese Freemasons (Heaven and Earth Society) and the Chinese Freemasons are the Hong Men. The Chinese Freemason were started by their elders the Red and Blue at the foot of the Nine Lotus mountains in Fujian Province, China. From there it spread to 2nd lodge called Hongshun, 3rd lodge called Empress, 4th Lodge called Cantai, 5th Lodge called Honghua and then all of mainland China before spreading throughout the world. The Hong Men is a secret society but, in keeping with the times, it is slowly making itself public. In Japan it has become known as Asian Freemason in recent years. We Asian Freemasons promote peace in Asia and throughout the world. 

 *Special thanks to Mr Benjamin Fulford for his competent translation into English.