Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are you different from the Freemasons seen on TV and in other media?

Yes we are different. Freemasons are mutual help societies and there are both Western and Asian Freemasons.

Q. Do you worship Satan?

No we do no such thing. Some people may have misinterpreted us because of the strict nature of our initiation ceremonies.

Q. Can anybody join?

We think of ourselves as having a high status. If you think you are qualified, try knocking on our door. Please read our Membership requirements page.

Q. Is it true that you secretly control the world?

They say so on TV programs and in books. It is true that we are a world-scale mutual help society, We do not claim to rule the world but admit we have great influence.

Q. As a Chinese organization do you think China is the leading nation on earth?

We are an organization that originated in China but we are based on the people. Since we are based on the people, we do not think in terms of borders, ethnic groups or nationalities. However, we do strictly obey the rules and laws of each country we are in. Influence and power is something interpreted in different ways between countries. We do not things in terms of ruling people, our purpose and philosophy is to work for the greater good.

Q. The Hong Men are also known as Chinese Freemasons, does that mean they are anti-Japanese?

The Hong Men are with the people, not with the political powers that be. Just because we are called Chinese and originated in China does not mean we are anti-Japanese.

The Hong Men transcend borders and nationalities and are one with the people. We are a mutual support society based mostly in the developing world as genuine Freemasons. Since we originated in 17th century China and from there spread throughout the world, we are called Chinese.

Q. Is “One World” the same as “New World Order?”

We Hong Men Freemasons are in favour of helping each other in a spirit of brotherly(and sisterly) love and aim for a world of economic development, honest society and equality between peoples. A world where people are united in equality is what we call “one world.” This is different from the “New World Order” where the rich rule the poor.